Board Nominations Announced-Election is Aug 11th

Jun 25, 2018 7:59 AM
Colby Estes

Election Taking Place Sat Aug 11th, 10:00 AM

After a busy regular season, we are now into the post season.  For American Indian Little league, the end of the regular season, also means it's nearing time for our annual Board of Directors election.  Our open election will take place Saturday August 11th, 2018 at 10:00 AM.  With 17 spots open on the board, our open nominations are now completed, and here is the list of nominees that were submitted (in random order):

  • Taryn Wilson
  • Brian Hall
  • Xenia Garcia
  • Evan Bernstein 
  • Eboni Bernstein
  • Jose Valencia
  • Colby Estes
  • Sierra Bernstein
  • Josh Acevedo
  • Ashley Mayberry
  • Jeremy King
  • Gaby Ayala
  • Oscar Alcero
  • Rick Luevano
  • Justin Pieters
  • Freddy Romero
  • Monica Hall
  • Darrell Martinez
  • Lupe Luevano
  • Victor Hernandez
  • Wendy Villareal
  • Cindy Garcia
  • Jose Zavala
  • Marssel Osollo
  • Tom Case
  • Ryan King
  • Prisila Peres
  • Rosina Robinson
  • Kyle Herndon
  • Ashley Clark
  • Collin Harvey
  • Ashley Eubanks
  • Daylynn Herndon
  • Robert Delgado
  • Jaime Alverez
  • Rajeer Haymond

Please remember that in order to be considered on the ballot on August 11th, the nominee must do the following no later than July 14th, 2018:

  • Accept Nomination via Email to
  • Be in good standing at the league, meaning no outstanding balances owed
  • Submit background check form 

As governed by our by-laws, we will have the election on Saturday August 11th, at 10:00 AM.  At that time, all members in good standing of the league, may vote for up to 17 nominees to make up the board.  The top 17 vote getters will then be assigned to the board of directors, at which time they will vote amongst themselves for positions. 

Please note there are additional rules on the 'position'  portion of the election:

  • President, must have at least 2 years Little League board experience
  • Vice President, Treasurer, or Player Agent, must have a minimum 1 year prior Little League Board experience.  
  • Any division Vice President can not be a coach of a team within that division (ie, VP of Softball, can not be coaching a softball team)
  • The remaining nominees (non-top 17) will have the option to be on the board as non-voting members. 

We greatly appreciate everyone who wants to help support the league, so we encourage everyone to participate.  

If you are listed as a nominee, please be sure to accept your nomination via Email.  If you do not submit acceptance, are in bad standing, or do not submit a background check form, you will NOT be listed on the ballot on August 11th.  

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